Myth #4 Meditation is for Yogi's

Possibly one of the best stress reducers of our time is Meditation. Now, I know when most people think of Meditation, they think of a Yogi on top of a hill sitting "criss cross applesauce", how my daughter would say it, humming to the universe. There are multiple different practices of Meditation and with the stressful world we are living in, don't you think it's time to give our minds and body a break?! There is so much the human mind is capable of, the problem is we just don't know what, as of yet! Here's some helpful tips for beginners to calm the mind, remember, when it comes to meditation, it's not about what to think, but about how not to think....

Tip 1: Know your purpose!

  • Although Meditation doesn't have to be meaningful, it may be important for you to seek out your goals. Is it to connect with yourself, relieve anxiety, destress, visualize goals, or improve your health?

Tip  2: Like most Healthy Habits, Create a Routine

  • Follow through with health, typically, is surrounded by a routine. Your body likes it, so plan it. Some literature does say dusk or dawn tend to be better times, however some research shows meditating mid day can make for a more productive afternoon..like a cat nap :)

Tip 3: Location, Location, Location

  • Chose a calm and quiet place, no one really calmed their minds listening to Metallica! Well most anyways!

Tip 4: Choose a Simple Program to follow

  • Some basic programs start by concentrating purely on breathing, some are based on movement, but to start I think one of the best resources is a guided meditation. Someone guiding or telling you what to do through the process..at least until you get the hang of it yourself. Some of my favorite programs are 8WW Guided Meditation and Oprah and Deepak anything!

Tip 5: Practice Deep Breathing

  • Oxygen has a calming effect on the mind and body. Deep breaths also offer the body the ability to create a rhythmic meditative state, kind of like hypnosis.

Meditation is supposed to be distraction free, so if you're hungry, at work, have background noise chances are you will not be as successful. So unplug give it a try and add it to your routine! The more you do it, the more success you will have and the better you will feel.