Myth #5 My Health is Defined by How I Feel

I hear this one A LOT! I'll ask someone how their health is and the response is typically, "It's good, I feel good." Did you know most of the top killing diseases in America are initially A-symptomatic? Meaning NO symptoms! Nada, zilch, nine! The number one taker of lives is heart disease. When it comes to heart disease the number one symptom is a heart attack, and only 50% of those people survive. When you ask someone how they felt the day before they had the heart attack most of them say, "I felt great, I felt normal."  Interesting huh? This is why proactive health care is so important! Do you have a wellness doctor? Someone who works with you on a cooperative, consistent basis on how to stay healthy or become healthy? 

This could be a team of professionals. At Project Wellness Company we make it a goal to be those coaches or accountability partners for you. Primarily when it comes to decreasing your risks for lifestyle diseases, like Heart Disease and Diabetes. Have you ever had a thorough physiological and neurological exam? Commonly this isn't the first thing people think of to have done if there aren't symptoms present, but I tell you what, we've saved lives by digging into blood work and body function. We can offer direct solutions to help your body become healthier. If this is typically your New Years Resolution, then why not start today and figure out what we can do to help.

Why wait till it's too late? If your goal is to live to 74, the time to get healthy is not when you're 73, it's NOW! So let's do something about it!