Low Back Pain

When people hear the word “Chiropractic” they immediately think neck pain, back pain, and headaches. Chiropractors, contrary to the stereotype, have extensive knowledge on holistic health care and preventative health care. However, one thing is for certain, we do know how to help back pain and we are damn good at it. The astonishing thing is that the number one googled, searched, yahoo’d, web-MD’d topic in health is low back pain, yet no one is searching out chiropractors for this health issue. 

Let’s talk about what causes low back pain.Typically, low back pain is due to a stress that leads to a subluxation in the lumber vertebra (low back). Sublu-what?! Yea, I was confused at first too! Its pronounced sub-lux-ation, or a misalignment in the spine causing pressure on a nerve or interference with a nerve’s message from the brain to the body. Because of these misalignments, there is pressure on nerves causing pain. In order to remove the pain you have to remove the interference, in other words, correct the misalignment.  

There are 3 main stressors that cause low back pain; 1. Physical stress, like sitting at a desk all day in a bad position or participating in physical activities, 2. Emotional stress, like relationships with others or distress, and 3. Chemical stress, like toxins in your environment or poor diet. This only makes sense that in addition to correction of the subluxation, you also need to address what’s causing the stresses in your life that attribute to the low back pain. 

What doc?! You’re telling me I need to quit exercising, eat a clean diet, and meditate in order to get rid of my low back pain?! (I get this a lot, can you tell?) No that’s not what I’m saying, at least not entirely. Eating well and meditating are very healthy habits and highly encouraged to help with low back pain, it can decrease inflammation in the body and help your body heal, however, exercising is typically encouraged, of course unless it could aggravate your condition.

Use your discretion or listen to your Chiro or wellness professional, you know your body better then anyone if you suspect you shouldn’t be doing something, chances are you probably shouldn’t. Everybody’s condition is different and should be advised on an individual basis. 

If we ignore our low back pain not only could we be more at risk for low back injuries like disc bulges and herniations, but we also put our bodies at risk for digestive issues, leg issues, and reproductive issues. This is possible because the same nerves that control the pain in your low back also control these other systems in the body. Needless to say, if you’re hurting chances are something else could also be wrong. So don’t wait! Need someone now? Click the AAC tab at the top.