Family Fun for Eating Healthy

Picky eaters? It’s time to break out the tool box! I know, I never thought I would be stooping to games and bargaining with my babes just to get them to eat something green, but I think when you're a mom you get to the point of whatever works! Other then hiding veggies in everything, here are some new ideas to make it fun for you and your family.

Get the Kids Involved

Easy right? Turns out when kids participate in the preparation of their food they want to eat the end product. Be creative! Stir ingredients, peel veggies, ensemble dishes, measure ingredients, etc. 

Themed Taste Tests and Meals

Winnie the Pooh

        Honey, apple brie bites, rabbit veggies, nutter butter sammies

Star Wars

        Blood orange smoothies, Yoda ears (sugar snap peas), Skywalker Salsa

Ninja Turtles

Pizza, Slime dip (avocado dip) and veggies, turtle poop (green grapes :)) 

Teach your Kids How to Shop

If you teach them how to read labels, you can have them be detectives for you! Show them how to stay away from sneaky marketing words like ; all natural, enriched, and fat-free.

Check the ingredients; smaller ingredient lists are better. Have them pick out things with little sugar and more fiber.

Watch Food Documentaries as a Family

So many proactive food detectives are out there now, making research more available to everyone. What better way to get kids to learn about what they're eating and where their foods comes from then watching a movie?! 

Get them their Own Cooking/Baking Outfit.

I know this sounds silly if you have a boy or maybe a little materialistic, but being a mother to girls, I can tell you there is nothing more exciting to them when they get to put on their apron and chef hat! 

Start your own garden at home and shop local farmer’s markets.

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