Top Foods that Increase Energy

If I can't have my coffee, what can I have?! After my last post, a lot of people were wondering what foods are great for increasing energy. Again, we live in a high stressed society, how can we naturally increase our energy without taking major hits to our health. Here are some tips to get those peepers peepin'!

  • Local and Organic foods, are a higher quality of food that can assist with absorbability rates in the human body, enabling you to create more energy and keep hormones in check!
  • Foods that are alive have life force. They are often raw and will spoil if left out.
    If bugs don’t want to eat it why do I?
  • Whole foods: grains, vegetables, and beans. They are foods that have not been processed and thus, keep all the components of their original, natural state: fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Processing removes these elements.
  • Superfoods have very high levels of nutrients. Leafy greens like kale, collards, chard, etc.

Also sea plants such as green algae and seaweeds are powerful sources of nutrition and energy.