Myth #2: Resistance and Weight Training will make me Bulky!

One of my good friends Dr. Dane Donohue always says, "You're afraid to get bulky? But doesn't fat make you bulky?"! I always chuckle when I hear that because women are so afraid of getting masculine or big muscles when working out with weights. Aren't you more afraid of what's to happen if you don't do resistance training, get FAT? Resistance and weight training promotes LEAN muscle building. Based on the female physiology, it is virtually impossible to get huge muscles, we don't have the hormones for it i.e. excess testosterone. As a woman, it's also impossible for your body to gain muscle mass outside of the proportion of their body shape due to these lack of hormone levels. 

Resistance training also needs to be approached the right way. I've heard a lot of women say, "high reps at a low weight," and "the harder I work the better my results, right?" First of all the only way to actually change your body's composition is by challenging your body, for most of us mom's who are used to carrying 30-50 lb kids, repping 100x at 2lbs isn't going to do much for you. Your body needs the muscle to break down, its called entropy, in order to build back up. That's why the challenge is so important. With that said, that doesn't mean you have to necessarily work harder or work out 7 days a week to get results. Just work out smarter. Over-training is just as dangerous as under-training. That's why it's really good to work with a trainer. Not only will the assess what's best for you to get the most out of your workouts, but they'll help keep you accountable as well. This is why at PWC, we offer the help and encourage it. We also love our friends at Crossfit Madtown.

Plus haven't you heard? "Fit is the new Sexy!" Thanks to Crossfit and other world wide fitness pushes like yoga, women aren't seen as fragile and petite anymore, but strong and sexy. The above picture is me 40 weeks pregnant with my second, Esmée doing modified strength training with my class. Jump on the train, and add some resistance HIIT training to your workout.