Myth # 9 The Best Method to Lose Weight is through Calorie Constriction

A lot of top Nutritionists and exercise science experts are continually debunking this myth. Although a lot of time, I realize it feels like common sense. What? I want to lose weight? That means I eat less and exercise more right? 

Lets start with a calorie does not equal a calorie. What do I mean by this? The quality of a calorie is different from one food to the next. For example; if you eat 500 calories of spinach, do you think it will have the same effect on your body as if you were to eat 500 calories of snicker bars? Exactly! Probably not.  So the energy that it takes to burn these different types of foods is different. I have also seen, in majority cases, that people struggling to lose weight, typically, aren't eating enough. In a malnourished body, meaning a body that hasn't had proper nutrients and supplementation, or a high diet in processed foods, this can cause starvation mode to the system and actually have an opposite effect, like more fat storage. 

Plus calorie constriction, most times, leaves individuals feeling deprived and resentful. Have you ever been there? It also tends to lead to two other negative behaviors, compulsive calorie counting and reversion of previous results. What I mean by this, is that most people after a little success typically revert back to eating more calories and therefore gain the weight back. In the instance of weight loss, it is best to work with a health professional or nutritional counselor to help what find what works best for you.