8 Weeks to Wellness

If you have been reading my articles, you may have noticed a recurring theme: Health conditions related to lifestyle problems.  Heart disease, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, obesity, and some cancers have been mentioned.  As discussed, a major issue with these conditions is that conventional medicine does not have an answer to the prevention and treatment of these diseases. However, through creating good habits and adopting a new approach to health, many of these conditions can be prevented or reversed.  In our office, we use a number of different methods, formulated together into a life-altering program known as 8 Weeks to Wellness.  The five pieces of 8 Weeks to Wellness include chiropractic care, nutrition counseling, functional exercise, massage, and mindfulness. 

Chiropractic Care is the foundation of 8 Weeks to Wellness, as this program was developed by two chiropractors who understand that maintaining a well-functioning nervous system is the key to true health.  With chiropractic adjustments, the connection between the brain and body is optimized, allowing the body and all of its working pieces to function at its peak. 


Nutrition in 8 Weeks to Wellness is our way to ensure the body is getting the proper fuel to fight and prevent disease.  We don’t tell you what to eat, but instead, we teach you how to eat, by following simple guidelines on what to avoid and what to focus the majority of your meals on.  This is not a diet meant to last 8 weeks, but rather create the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.


Functional Exercise is designed to optimize body composition, focusing on burning fat while building lean muscle mass.  Because there is a big emphasis on strength training and growing muscle, weight loss is not the main goal of 8 Weeks to Wellness.  Flexibility and mobility are also incorporated into each workout, both to prevent injury and equalize any posture-related muscle imbalances.  Individuals who do 8 Weeks to Wellness will get two or three weekly hour-long personal training sessions in-office and will be expected to exercise another two or three times per week on their own. 


Massage Therapy has a great benefit on both the mind and body, as it provides a way to treat tight muscles in a relaxing, soothing atmosphere.  Massage is often thought of as just a luxury meant for spa-days, but there are great health benefits to proper soft tissue treatments.  8 Weeks to Wellness participants are treated to a one-hour massage session each week. 


Mindfulness is one of the most overlooked aspects of health.  Meditation is done with a goal to remove all thoughts from the mind, and just be able to relax for a few minutes each day.  We only ask for ten minutes of meditation per day, and many people have found it is best done before bedtime. 


For people who need it, 8 Weeks to Wellness can truly be a life-changing program.  Remember, the goal is not to make changes for 8 weeks and go back to the starting point, but to create habits that will last a lifetime.  For more information on the benefits of 8 Weeks to Wellness, join us for a FREE informational dinner at Craftsman Table & Tap on January 23rd at 7:00pm.  We’ll see you there! Reserve your seat at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dont-make-resolutions-create-habits-dinner-with-the-doc-tickets-41470019946.

Yours in Health, Dr. Alex

Project Wellness Company, Madison WI

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