Boston Heart Diagnostics: Know your numbers…

When it comes to fully understanding your health, knowing your blood numbers is key. No matter how you may feel symptomatically, taking a look at how your body is functioning on the inside is very important in determining your current state of health, as well as predicting possible problems in the future.  In our office utilize the company, Boston Heart Diagnostics, for our detailed blood work panels.

Boston Heart was founded by lipidologists, scientists and clinicians who have dedicated their careers to revealing the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease progression.  We know that cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in America, with more than 600,000 deaths per year.  We also know that cardiovascular disease is highly related to lifestyle factors, such as diet and activity levels.  By utilizing an advanced diagnostic blood panel, we can identify problems early on that will lead to cardiovascular disease if not addressed.

So what makes Boston Heart Diagnostics so advanced?  The secret lies in the details.  Boston Heart goes above and beyond the traditional blood tests, giving a much more comprehensive analysis in several key areas.  Their HDL Map Test quantifies HDL cholesterol particles by size, providing an indication of cholesterol transport by separating the large, beneficial HDL particles from the smaller particles, which are associated with increased risk.  The Cholesterol Balance Test directly measures markers for cholesterol production in the liver and cholesterol absorption in the gut.  If LDL cholesterol is found to be too high, it is important to understand if the problem lies with production or absorption, so the best recommendations can be made to lower the LDL total. 

Boston Heart also looks at much more than blood lipids.  The Prediabetes Assessment allows us to identify patients with high risks of developing type 2 diabetes with 92% accuracy.  The CDC estimates that about 70% of diabetics will eventually die from heart disease, while an additional 15% will die from stroke.  If prediabetes is discovered, steps can be taken to significantly decrease or reverse the onset of diabetes.  Inflammation Tests such as myeloperoxidase and C-reactive protein help us identify systemic inflammation that can be affecting the entire body and leading to autoimmune diseases.  We know that one of the largest sources of inflammation comes from leaky gut syndrome, so if these inflammatory markers come back high, interventions can be made to heal the gut naturally and decrease inflammation. 

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By offering such an advanced diagnostic tool we are increasing our ability to help our patients live their healthiest life. We are committed to helping increase your health and by having definite answers about your current state of health we can then make the most appropriate recommendations for your care and health. I encourage everyone to think about the last time they had a blood test, and contact us if there is any interest in a Boston Heart panel. What have you got to lose?  Better yet, what have you got to gain?

Yours in Health, Dr. Alex

Project Wellness Company Madison, WI